The founding of the Order of the Crown of Stuart must be seen in the context of the aftermath of the Great War of 1914-18. The founder was Capt Henry Stuart Wheatly-Crowe. He foresaw the enormous changes that would take place following the war and the collapse of most traditional institutions as the Order of the White Rose and the Cycle Club, to name but two; both Jacobite. He devoted his whole life and fortune to perpetuating the memory of this royal house. Far from being purely sentimental, the Order espouses the political philosophy of kingship in all its manifestations, but especially that of Christian kingship and the divine right and duty of kings. Naturally like many societies and confraternities the Order has been through many vicissitudes. The 70th anniversary of the Order in 2002 has been the occasion of renewed interest in the Order and its aims; the need to maintain principles which are not subject to fashion, and the pressing necessity of charitable works.


Charles I

Mary in mourning
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